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Gransing Investment Founded

Gransing Securities Investment Company was registered and established to engage in securities investment business.

Gransing Securities Founded
Company Logo

After a merger and reorganization in 1998, Gransing was reformed as a limited company and awarded as securities dealer and investment consultant by SFC.

Gransing Services

Securities Brokerage

  • Type 1 Securities Trading
  • Type 4 Advising on securities
  • Type 6 Advising on institutional financing
  • Type 9 provides asset management
Online Trading Platform

Launched an online securities trading platform

Mobile Trading Platform

Launched mobile trading platform application to provide customers with more convenient and comprehensive services


The Greater China Market

Facing the huge market opportunities in Greater China, Gransing has adopted a steady and positive attitude to expand its business in Greater China and provide services to more customers.

Corporate Finance Services

With a group of senior professionals with a thorough understanding and rich experience in the financial markets of China and Hong Kong, Gransing provides diversified corporate financing services for listed companies in China and Hong Kong as well as companies to be listed.

Business Diversification

Strengthen the research team and asset management business. We pay attention to the unique needs of customers, provide groundbreaking strategies, and strive for excellence, aiming to become the first investment partner of our customers.

Company Restructure

Gransing' chinese name changed as '國投證券有限公司'

Advanced Mobile Trading Platform

Brand new mobile trading platform, develop artificial intelligence analysis tools, use big data and artificial intelligence to provide investment strategies and suggestions.

Extremely fast streaming quotes, real-time Hong Kong stock quotes, allowing you to closely follow individual stock prices and view detailed stock data, making investment decisions one step faster.

Online Account Opening Service
Account opening

Launched remote account opening and added face recognition technology to instantly open accounts for customers in China and Hong Kong, reducing the account opening process and creating a new experience for customers.

Trading App Version II

Launched the second-generation intelligent trading platform, which is faster and more functional. Added individual stock discussion area and new stock area/big V column, streaming quotes and news information. Exclusive customer account, express delivery, reduce market delays. AI intelligent stock selection, using big data and artificial intelligence to provide investment strategies and recommendations.