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1. Please read Important Document for Transaction, understand the terms and conditions, the policies of investment products as well as the relevant risks.

2. Complete the account opening form (Personal / Joint account or Company Account).    *Account opening checklist

3. If you wish to open a securities margin trading account, please fill in Authorization Letter From Margin Clients.

4. Complete the “Individual Self-Certification Form” or “Entity Self-Certification Form”. In the case of a company account, you will need to complete the “Self-Certification Form – Controlling Person”.

5. Complete the Client Risk Tolerance Level Questionnaire.

6. Complete the Forms for United States Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act:

–          Non-U.S. Resident (Individual/Joint Account) – W-8BEN ;

–          Non-U.S. Entity (Company Account) – W-8BEN-E ;

–          U.S. Resident – W-9 ;

7. If you have a company account and want to open a securities margin trading account, please fill in Deed of Guarantee.

8. Please provide copies of the following documents:

 A. Individual / Joint Account
(i)     Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport

(ii)    Residential address proof issued within the last 3 months

(iii)   Correspondence address proof issued within the last 3 months

B. Company Account

(i)     Business Registration Certificate (if applicable)

(ii)    Company Registration Certificate

(iii)   Company Organization and Charter

(iv)   Certified Extract of Resolution

(v)    Director Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport

(vi)   Certificate of Attendance and Registration of Directors and Senior Officers

(vii)  Company Certificate of Existence or the same evidence

(viii) Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

(ix)   Shareholders Record

(x)    Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport for Directors and Authorized Persons

(xi)   Residential address proof issued within the last 3 months

* (i) – (xi) Document shall be certified by a practicing solicitor, a certified public accountant, or a director of the company.

If you submit documents by post (Company Account is not applicable), please note:

Initial deposit for opening account should not be less than HK$10,000 and be sent in your cheque with the opening documents. The cheque should be made payable to “Gransing Securities Co., Limited”;

The cheque should be issued under the name of the Account Holder and it should show the name displayed on the identity document of the customer;

The signature on the cheque must match the customer’s account opening form;

The new account will be activated upon clearance of the deposit cheque;

Fill in and return the Account Opening Form (Company Account is not applicable) to the following address:

Unit 4103, 41/F., Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

If you have any qureies, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 31 626 888 or email info@gransing.com.